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Here we are washing windows with a water fed pole.

This is a window washing job we did in Cypress Texas.

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Window Cleaning

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Rain Guarantee

If we clean the outside of your windows while it is raining and the day after your cleaning you notice any drops or marks, just give us a call and we will be happy to return and re clean whatever you like free of charge!

[Rain Guarantee Window Cleaning] What if rain is predicted for the day of my service?
It is our policy to complete a scheduled job if it is raining. In the event of light precipitation we will continue as scheduled because rain does not affect the cleaning. In the event of heavy rain or showers, we will return in a few days to complete the outside work. The interior of all windows are completed as scheduled so there is no disruption to your schedule.

Doesn’t rain make my windows dirty?
Dirt makes your windows dirty not rain. The dust from landscapers, tree pollen, exhaust, and many other sources settles on your windows. Rain drops move the dirt around your windows and after the rain dries the dirt remains on the glass. This residue is now very visible because it’s been spread over the window. Clean windows remain clean after the rain because once the water dries there is nothing left behind to obscure your view.

We offer professional residential window washing service. We use the latest in window washing technology, including cleaning exterior windows with pure water and a water fed pole. This keeps exterior windows clean 3 times longer. We strive to give the best window washing service. We offer several different window cleaning options to help meet your expectations.

Our pricing is based on the number of windows cleaned or window panes for French style windows and the optional items cleaned.

We offer the following window cleaning service.

Window Cleaning Outside Only

Windows Cleaned Outside - We typically use pure water and a water fed pole for exterior window cleaning.

Window Cleaning Inside and Outside

Windows Cleaned Inside and Outside

Free Frames and sills are wiped down!

Optional Items:
Screen Cleaning
Track Cleaning

Our customers love looking out clean windows!!!

Traditional mop and squeegee window washing.

This is a window washing job we did in Houston Texas.

Window washing in Tomball Texas

If Your Windows Haven’t Been Washed in a While, Don’t Worry!

We Will Make Them Sparkle Again!

window washing job in Cypress Texas
window washing job in Houston Texas
Window Cleaning Rain Guarantee

Here we are cleaning windows with a water fed pole.

This is a window washing job we did in Tomball Texas.

Window Washing