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pressure washing building exterior

We offer professional exterior building washing service. We offer both cold and hot water pressure washing. Depending on the project we can use high pressure or low pressure wash with a building wash soap mix. We are Licensed and Insured. We practice environmentally safe pressure washing practices. We meet or exceed the EPA and City Of Houston requirements for pressure washing. Many times our clients request both our building wash exterior and window cleaning for their building. If you have a building wash project you would like us to look at, just give us a call.

Exterior Building Washing Service

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​​Why Should You Use Our Exterior Building Washing Services ?​

Because your home or building is one of your largest investments, you want the job done right and done by someone you can trust.

ET Pressure Washing Service and Window Cleaning Service
pressure washing building exterior

Often Asked Question & Answers​
Question 1. Do you pressure wash the building?
Answer 1. Most of the time we use a building wash soap and low pressure to clean the building. This will remove years of mold, mildew, algae, dirt and grime from the building exterior.

Question 2. Is pressure washing the building and exterior building washing the same?
Answer 2. Most of the time exterior building cleaning is done using low pressure and a building wash soap. Pressure washing is typically hi pressure and used when you are trying to strip the surface. 

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