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The Danger Of Not Cleaning Glass

‚ÄčGlass is porous and when left uncleaned the window can become etched and even unrepairable. After a certain amount of time the chances of restoration deteriorates. A window cleaning schedule is key to keeping your windows in great condition. 

Commercial Office Building Window Cleaning Schedule Recommendation

Every Year

Cleaning Schedule

More Than 5 Years

Cleaning Schedule

Every 3 to 6 Months

Cleaning Schedule

commercial window cleaning with water fed pole

What do we offer you as a commercial window cleaning company?

Here we are cleaning a tall glass building with the water fed pole.

commercial window cleaning with water fed pole

Commercial Window Cleaning


This is the ideal cleaning schedule to keep glass in great condition. This will project a clean company image and attract new customers or tenants.

commercial window cleaning with mop and squeegee

Here we are using the latest water fed pole window cleaning technology.

Hard water stains and organic material will need razors or chemical treatment to properly clean. Increased cost.

Here we are cleaning a mostly glass building.

Are You Looking For A Reliable Commercial Window Cleaning Service For Your Business?

commercial window cleaning tall building with a water fed pole
commercial window cleaning with water fed pole

Here we are cleaning using the traditional mop and squeegee.

Danger zone. Some etching has probably occurred at this point. Restoration is possible buy may be limited in scope. Significant increase in cost.

We Also Offer

Residential Window Cleaning

If you need a quote please check out our Quote / Commercial Window Cleaning Prices Page and submit your information. If you have any questions and would like to talk with us about pricing and services, you can also call us at 281-885-8760 and we will answer your questions or provide you with a free quote over the phone. 

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Here we are cleaning a all glass building with the water fed pole.

Every 2 Years

Cleaning Schedule

Professional commercial window cleaning is one of our core services. We service many types of businesses from single story buildings to complete multistory building complexes. We can setup a regularly scheduled window cleaning for your business or property and keep it looking great year around. If you have a business or property and would like to get on our window cleaning schedule, just give us a call today for a FREE no obligation quote at 281-885-8760.

Recommended minimum cleaning for basic maintenance.